At Peace Design is a positive lifestyle brand.

About Us

I believe that everyone should have inner peace. However, that is not always the case. I actually became At Peace during a difficult time in my life. One night, while struggling to fall asleep an inexplicable calm washed over me. At that moment I knew for certain that I would be alright. Although, the actual symbol didn't reveal itself for another year. 

At Peace Design is a positive lifestyle brand. We are the globally understood symbol for inner peace & tranquility. We are rooted in the ideology behind positive affirmations. Our trademarked logo serves as a gentle reminder to pause and embrace your inner peace across all cultures. This logo is placed on apparel and merchandise, using them as vessels to deliver the reminder to be At Peace. You can purchase an At Peace apron and wear it while preparing one of your favorite meals, or have a nice cup of Keeping It Peaceful tea (an At Peace custom tea blend) after a long day of work in your At Peace mug or maybe even go to yoga carrying your yoga mat in an At Peace yoga mat bag. All of our At Peace brand merchandise is strategically tied to a peaceful activity and a reminder to Be At Peace!