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Wine Bottle Gift Bag "I whine when I'm not At Peace"


Our wine bottle gift bag is a fun and playful way to present a bottle of wine to a friend or loved one. The bag features a simple design with the phrase "I whine when I'm not at peace" prominently displayed on the front. The text is written in a playful font and includes a decorative illustration, such as wine glasses or grape vines which is sublimated onto a cream colored, polyester bag.

The bag has a drawstring closure, about 5.5 x 13.8 inches/ 14 x 35 cm, which fits a regular 750 ml wine bottle, such as champagne bottles.

Overall, this wine bottle gift bag would be a lighthearted way to share a bottle of wine with someone special while acknowledging the ups and downs of life that can lead us to whine a little now and then.

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